The Richer For It!

Treasure Chest
Treasure Chest

My youngest son is writing a paper for his college writing class. He chose as his topic the value of travel abroad. I suppose he came by it honestly — he was born in Switzerland, raised by multilingual parents with an international outlook, and spent five months in China after high school. Although he is an art major, he is continuing his study of Chinese at his university in the US, with a native speaker as his main professor. Totally without any prompting on my part, he chose to quote from my e-book, How to Learn a Foreign Language: 7 Tips for Making the Daunting Doable:

“When you learn a language, you gain access to a key that unlocks untold treasures.”

In my son’s case, some of those treasures are insights into Chinese culture and relationships with Chinese people whom he wouldn’t have met had he not undertaken the study of this fascinating language. He does not consider himself superior to those who only speak one language; he considers himself richer. His life now has an entirely new dimension and holds whole new levels of experience and opportunity.

The same can be true for you!