How many times have you told yourself you were going to learn a foreign language?

Are you a student and gearing up to study a foreign language for credit?

Have you already started studying a language and need some encouragement?

What if you were given some keys that unlocked the process?

Whether you've made previous attempts or are undertaking learning a language for the first time, I can help get you on your way to a successful and rewarding experience. Some practical tips, some important mindset shifts, all designed to reduce the headaches of learning a foreign language -- no matter what language it is!

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"How to Learn a Foreign Language: 7 Hacks for Making the Daunting Doable"

I recommend this short course for ANYONE getting ready to study a foreign language, whether adult learners or students. In fact, I'm requiring my first year Spanish and French students to go through it. It's short and sweet, consisting of 14 brief videos to watch at your own pace.



Introduction to Spanish

Did you know that Spanish is the second most widely language spoken in the world? Over 400 million speakers...and you can add YOUR name to that list!

As a high school Spanish teacher, I've observed over and over the need for a solid foundation on the middle school level, yet there are sadly few resources out there, especially designed for middle school (or junior high) home schoolers. But adult learners will also benefit from this course, especially if you're looking for a gentle but steady pace that will have you conversing on a basic level by the end of it!

This brief course consists of 19 short video lessons, designed to engage you from the beginning and get you well on your way to conversing in Spanish, plus a 20th video containing some of David's recommended resources for continuing your Spanish adventure. David has you repeating everything so you get used to making the sounds, and he addresses most learning styles so everyone can benefit.

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Thinking about or preparing to go on a short-term mission trip to a Spanish-speaking country? Nobody needs to tell you that you’ll be much more effective if you are able to speak the language of the people you’re ministering to — but who has that kind of time? This mini-course will equip you to carry on basic conversations with the locals and have that much greater an impact. And perhaps just as importantly, you’ll be honoring your host culture by speaking to them in their own language, rather than expecting them to speak yours — or as if often the case, not being able to communicate with them at all.

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intro to french for real life

I've studied over half a dozen languages and taught at least three of them at one time or another. But of all the languages I've studied, it is French that I speak the best. I would hope so -- I have two degrees in it and have been speaking it for over forty years!

Now, to add to the growing number of courses at World to the Wise Academy, we are proud to introduce our INTRO to French for Real Life online course.

This course is designed for two primary groups of people:

  • Home schoolers who are preparing to study high school French

  • ANYONE wanting to dip their proverbial toe in the water and begin conversing in French sooner than later!

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Designed to meet the requirements of most US high schools, this course is for two groups of people:

  • Home schoolers needing high school foreign language credit (and who really want to learn French!)

  • ANYONE wanting a solid foundation that will have you carrying on a basic conversation by the end

Let’s be blunt — this course is not for you if you are only hoping to breeze through your foreign language requirements and check the box in order to graduate. It is designed for those who want to be here and see the value of learning another language — not for graduation, but for REAL LIFE!


French for Real Life is divided into two semesters equalling a full school year. The second semester is currently under construction and will be “dripped” one week at a time beginning January 2019.

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In this age of globalization, there is still no substitute -- nor more rewarding experience -- than to learn another language, and I'm looking forward to getting you on your way!