Welcome to world to the wise podcast

This podcast is designed to stretch the borders of your thinking, broaden your horizons, and look at life through another set of lenses. Interspersed with interviews with fascinating people with compelling stories will be some of my own stories, observations and insights on cultural perspectives. Perspective. What a big word. And everybody's needs changing or expanding.

You'll want to be sure to listen to the inaugural episode to understand the ethos of the podcast and the guy behind the mic.

Also among the initial episodes is my interview with world renowned laser eye surgeon Dr. Ming Wang. You'll be amazed at his story of overcoming obstacles and crossing cultural bridges!

Then there's my interview with Chris Guillebeau, who set out on a quest in 2003 to visit every country on the planet. Find out whether he's accomplished his goal yet, hear some of the insights and lessons he's picked up along the way, and how he views his home country of America in light of his travels.

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Become a Patron of the World to the Wise podcast