A Journey with Journey Arts


You may remember that October 2016 saw my wife and me leading a group of creatives from Journey Arts Collective to Europe. It was by all accounts a successful partnership. The Journey Arts leader, Brett Mabury, did a wonderful job of leading the group on a sort of reflective pilgrimage as we experienced some of the most inspiring sights Europe has to offer. We also discovered Brett makes a great co-leader and that we work well together. So last month he and I teamed up once again to lead a group of ten creatives, all from Journey Arts Collective, on a similar adventure. It was another great success, as we streamlined the itinerary here and there to make for more room to breathe and create. October is really a great time to travel in Europe, as the crowds are somewhat thinner and, at least in  Italy, the weather is more than pleasant. The weather in France and Switzerland even cooperated as well this time.Not only did we visit many of the iconic places you might expect, but we also spent time in almost every place with local creatives from Brett's and my network of friends and contacts. It's one thing to sight-see, quite another to actually connect with locals in a meaningful exchange.

2018 looks to have even more adventures in store, and one of them might just be right for you! Stay tuned for announcements! Better yet, leave your email address in the form below so you don't miss a thing!