Stepping Outside, Pt. 3 - How International Experience Will Improve Your Job Prospects


It's undeniable. We are in a global age where business, education, technology, and entertainment happen on a global scale. Most employers agree on a certain number of advantages that spending time abroad will add to your resumé. According to, here are six reasons why international experience -- whether study abroad, internships, or extended stays -- will improve your chances in today's ever-evolving global job market:

  • During the job search process, you can stress how the skills you’ve gained will benefit the organization and add value to your role.
  • Thanks to globalization, many companies look for international experience as they expand overseas operations, enter new markets, or develop international partnerships.
  • With a strong understanding of cultural and business norms, you will be more effective in developing global solutions to universal problems.
  • If you develop and lead a project while overseas, you will demonstrate that you are able to bridge cultural differences to deliver desired results.
  • Studying abroad will strengthen your leadership, problem-solving, and communication skills, all of which are important in the workplace.
  • Students who study abroad are viewed as independent, self-reliant, adaptable, open-minded, patient and tolerant.

If your experience abroad has included learning or perfecting a foreign language, that will add a whole new dimension to your intercultural competence. It is difficult to overstate the value of learning to communicate in a language other than your mother tongue. (See my ebook on the subject here.)

Are you past college age but still desiring to spend some substantial time overseas? There are more opportunities than you might think! Stay tuned!