Five Reasons to Spend Winter Break in New Zealand


1) It’s a great way to celebrate 30 YEARS of marriage to the same remarkable lady, who shares my wanderlust and curiosity.

2) It’s been our turn for years to visit our besties from Amsterdam days (1985-1990), Neil and Jill White, a Kiwi couple whose hearts have been to knit to ours ever since. Neil and Jill have just recently bought a place on the east coast of the North Island on the Bay of Plenty. How can a place with a name like that not be beautiful?

3) It’s just turned summer in New Zealand. Enough said.

4) New Zealand has been at or near the top of our bucket list for as long as we’ve had a list. The Peter Jackson films have done nothing to discourage that.

5) It’s a great way to redeem the MILES we’ve been saving for years. The only itinerary I was able to find using said miles was on Fiji Airways, so we have to spend a day in Fiji on the way down. Darn.

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