“David Durham offers unparalleled amounts of wisdom and insight from his countless years studying language and culture; I used to fear undertaking a new language, but under his sage guidance and instruction I have found I too am capable of being a polyglot!” - Aslan


"Whether you have just started to learn a language or have been learning for a while, David is an excellent and patient teacher who will expand your abilities. His curriculum employs a variety of learning methods such as reading, listening, speaking, and writing, all of which combine with his multilingual expertise to provide his students a comprehensive education in foreign language." - Noah

Mary Beth

"David Durham is an absolutely amazing teacher - in the 4 years I studied with him he not only taught me foreign languages, but strengthened my love for them and helped me gain the skills to study and apply them in the real world!  In fact, because of his encouragement with languages, I'm now confident in pursuing Russian as my third foreign language!" - Mary Beth


“Learning a new language has never been my strongest suit but David Durham gave me the strongest foundation for my language studies. His holistic learning approach challenged me to develop all parts of the language: reading, oral comprehension, speaking, writing abilities, among others. Along with this strong foundation, he gave me a passion and desire to become fluent in a new language.” - Hannah