All the way through Saturday, Dec. 1, all courses inside World to the Wise Academy will be slashed by 40%.

This includes:

  • How to Learn a Foreign Language: 7 Hacks for Making the Daunting Doable - Our foundational course recommended for ANYONE setting about the challenge (and adventure) of learning a new language. Reg. $49, sale price $29.40.

  • Intro to Spanish - As the name says, a great way to dip your proverbial toe in the water! 20 lessons complete with quizzes and additional resources. Reg. $99, sale price $59.40.

  • Spanish for Short Term Missions - Be better prepared next time you head south of the border to do good work. This mini-course will equip you not only to get around in a Spanish-speaking country on a practical level, but also help you carry on more meaningful conversations about things that really matter. Reg. $49, sale price $29.40.

  • French for Real Life, Semester One - French for Real Life is our brand new full-length course, designed for high school credit but open to any eager learner! You will learn some serious French, including relevant vocabulary you can start using immediately, as well as a super solid foundation in grammar. Fully illustrated, with David speaking on-camera in his native sounding French! Reg. $99, sale price $59.40.

  • French for Real Life, Semester Two - This course will be “dripped” in weekly lessons beginning January 2019, then will be available as an entire semester course after that. Reg. $99, sale price $59.40.

  • BRAND NEW! ALL ACCESS YEARLY SUBSCRIPTION! For one upfront payment or 12 monthly installments, you can get access to ALL our courses for an entire year, PLUS any additional courses added during your subscription year! If all goes as planned, those will include Spanish for Real Life, Semester One and Intro to French, as well as a number of mini-courses such as Understanding Verb Conjugation. Full price $297/yr. or $25/mo., sale price $178.20/yr. or $15/mo.