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French for Real Life

We are happy to announce the latest addition to the ever-growing collection of courses at World to the Wise Academy!


- The home school student who is motivated to learn French; this course will earn you one full foreign language credit

- The college or adult learner who is motivated to learn some serious French!

I am of the opinion that we do not have to choose between learning how to read or speak, write or understand. My approach is holistic, giving attention to all of the above so that the student is not simply prepared for college or university, but equipped with a valuable life skill that will open untold doors.

I am writing my own curriculum for this brand new course, drawing on my years of experience using public school curricula as well as my own experiences and observations. We will not use a physical textbook; I will give weekly lectures introducing all new concepts as well as reviewing previous material. Students will be expected to have a high level of engagement and commitment to self- study. I will make the class as interactive as possible within the parameters of the online platform.

Each week the students will be given assignments that should take between four and six hours per week to complete. There will also be a weekly quiz over the material of the week, as well as periodic chapter tests, also online.

The cost of the course is $352, which comes to $11 per week. As everything is online -- there are no copy fees, CD rentals or answer key rentals. There is a $5 admin fee to help cover the costs of the online platform I use, bringing the total cost to $357 for the school year.

About the teacher

I have been a lover of languages all my life, having studied seven foreign languages to varying degrees. French is my strongest of these languages, so you are getting the very best I have to offer: two degrees in French, six years of living in a French-speaking country, forty plus years of speaking the language, and approximately ten years of teaching experience. I am told that my passion for the language as well as love of learning come through in every class I teach. My commitment to you is that you will receive as good or better an education in the French language as any public or private school or tutorial. The obvious variables are the amount of work and commitment you put into it. If you give yourself, you will come out capable of carrying on a basic conversation in French.

The course will be taught by means of 40-minute video lectures one day a week, with assignments given for the rest of the week totaling 4-6 hours. In addition, at no extra charge, I am offering a weekly live interactive coaching session.

I also teach French and Spanish at the Academy Tutorial in Nashville, where my wife, Becky, teaches World Geography and we co-teach Global Studies. We also conduct the annual or semi-annual World to the Wise Cultural Tours.