WOW Moments

Coliseum w RileyOur lives are marked by many different kinds of milestones. Among the ones I look back on — including some very recent ones — are      what I like to call “WOW moments.” Often the most memorable ones are the unexpected ones, the ones that sneak up on us. One of the most rewarding aspects of what we do at World to the Wise is providing multiple “WOW moments” for our participants.

I chose this particular photo to post because Riley, the young lady pictured, always had such an expression of awe on her face when seeing a notable sight for the first time. I’ll never forget her face when stepping out into the Roman sunshine from the subway station and looking up to see the 2,000-year-old Coliseum towering above us. It truly is difficult to attach words to the impact on the senses and the soul that the Roman Forum has. It is so much more than so many stones and columns that have survived the ages — it is a journey back in time, to the very place where senators deliberated, Romans worshiped, gladiators fought, and Julius Caesar himself was assassinated. All within a couple of square miles. Yet these words do not even come close — you have to experience it for yourself.

Plans are underway even now for the 2013 World to the Wise Cultural Tour. Stay tuned — another unforgettable series of “WOW moments” could be awaiting you!


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