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What Is Patriotism?

I’m reading David Livermore‘s excellent book, Cultural Intelligence, where he encourages the reader to develop his or her “CQ” (culture quotient) “to engage our multicultural world”. You may have heard me refer to Livermore before, and you certainly will again. My wife and I are developing and co-teaching a brand new high school course called […]

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Hot Climate and Cold Climate Cultures

Have you ever been with someone from a different culture and wondered at — or even been shocked by — something they said or did? Have you yourself committed a cultural faux pas because you didn’t know any better? It happens to just about all of us at one time or another. Our guest this […]

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A Biracial Couple in the American South

In spite of great strides in some respects over the last few years, race relations in the United States still have a ways to go. But what is it like to be in a biracial, black-white marriage in today’s American South? Is it any easier now than, say, 10 or 20 years ago? In some […]

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Sometimes It’s Easier to Just Put on Adele

Maybe you’ve seen the SNL sketch. The Thanksgiving table brings together not only family members with differing opinions, but also significant others of those family members. Let’s face it: sometimes it’s harder to be with family members we don’t see very often than the friends we live life with on a regular basis. Sometimes it’s […]

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