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We Have Lift Off!

In a mere three days from this writing, a dozen curious souls will take off for the adventure of a lifetime, discovering new sights, people, tastes, cultures, stories — and themselves! This year’s World to the Wise Cultural Tour will take us to Rome, in and around Florence, Venice, Paris, and London. A couple of […]

The Richer For It!

My youngest son is writing a paper for his college writing class. He chose as his topic the value of travel abroad. I suppose he came by it honestly — he was born in Switzerland, raised by multilingual parents with an international outlook, and spent five months in China after high school. Although he is […]

WOW Moments

Our lives are marked by many different kinds of milestones. Among the ones I look back on — including some very recent ones — are      what I like to call “WOW moments.” Often the most memorable ones are the unexpected ones, the ones that sneak up on us. One of the most rewarding aspects […]