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Bilingual Benefits

A recent study shows that bilingual people are able to switch tasks more quickly than monolinguals. This actually comes as no surprise. The ability to switch gears and refocus on another subject or task at hand seems an almost indispensable skill these days — certainly in my world. What I find tragic is the fact […]

Musings from a Museum

In his book, Windows of the Soul, Ken Gire talks of how the most ordinary circumstances and the most mundane experiences can become extraordinary if we are paying attention. I had such an experience last Saturday, when I visited one of our local art museums with my wife, two sons and grandson. Following are some […]

We’re pleased to announce the 2013 World to the Wise Cultural Tours!

Purpose: to broaden our perspective and deepen our understanding of the world we live in by discovering the peoples, cultures and histories of other lands. Dates: Italy June 5-14 (depart US on Tuesday, June 4) Paris June 15-19 (*depart US on Friday, June 14) London June 20-25 (*depart US on Wednesday, June 19) * It […]