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Roaming in Rome

Rome. Few places evoke such wonder and awe. And yet as you stroll the ornate halls of the Vatican Museum or gaze up at the incomparable dome of St Peter’s Basilica, you’re faced with the mixed stories of grandeur and corruption, glory and greed, piety and pettiness of the past. Have things changed? Are we […]

Announcing World to the Wise Academy!

You perhaps already know my blog, or my podcast, or maybe the cultural tours my wife Becky and I lead in the summers. In the same vein of promoting cultural intelligence, we are happy to announce World to the Wise Academy, where we will initially be offering courses on foreign language learning, and later various […]

Immigrating to America, Take 2 (Season 2 final episode)

You may remember hearing in the news about a family from the Kurdish area of Northern Iraq, who were on their way to make a new life in the United States when they were turned away at the Cairo airport as a result of President Trump’s executive order, in February 2017, banning immigrants from seven […]