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A True Craftsman

I didn’t even catch his name. But this gentleman left quite an impression on us, and I can’t wait to see him again the next time we’re in the Tuscan hill town of Volterra. We were making our way down a steep street toward an ancient Etruscan city gate when we saw him sitting outside […]

Finding Florence Again

In 1983 I was touring with Karen Lafferty when we played a concert in this historic hall called the Hall of the Five Hundred in Florence’s 600-year-old Palazzo Vecchio. 34 years later I get to show it to my wife and the World to the Wise tour group.

Roaming in Rome

Rome. Few places evoke such wonder and awe. And yet as you stroll the ornate halls of the Vatican Museum or gaze up at the incomparable dome of St Peter’s Basilica, you’re faced with the mixed stories of grandeur and corruption, glory and greed, piety and pettiness of the past. Have things changed? Are we […]