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American Subcultures: the Navajo Nation

Last week we began a special series on subcultures in the United States. There is so much to discover — for Americans and non-Americans alike — among the different people groups that make up the American patchwork, whether these are defined by geography, ethnicity, or perhaps interests and experiences. This week we hear from Dale […]

American Subcultures: Indian-Americans

If you’ve been listening for any length of time to this podcast, you know it has a decidedly international flavor, and unapologetically so! Today, however, I’m excited to announce a new series that comes closer to home — to my home, that is — the United States. The American experiment is comprised of dozens and […]

There Ain’t No Good Guys

I’ve been reminded so often of the 70’s Dave Mason song called “We Just Disagree”. In an already polarized culture, most of us are tempted to think in terms of good guys and bad guys. Another terrorist attack — that’s clearly a bad guy. Which, of course, makes us the good guys. My favorite candidate […]