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Inside the Nashville Songwriters’ Culture

As a part of our series on subcultures in the United States, we take an interesting turn this week and visit a unique breed of human: the Nashville songwriter. You might argue that songwriters the world over are a different breed — and I wouldn’t argue with you. But Nashville is almost without question home […]

No Place Like Santa Fe

In our series on subcultures in the United States, we pay a visit this week to the unique city of Santa Fe, New Mexico. The oldest state capital in the US, this jewel at the foot of the Sangre de Cristo mountains was established 400 years ago by the Spanish — its full name being […]

Hot Climate and Cold Climate Cultures

Have you ever been with someone from a different culture and wondered at — or even been shocked by — something they said or did? Have you yourself committed a cultural faux pas because you didn’t know any better? It happens to just about all of us at one time or another. Our guest this […]