Hot Climate and Cold Climate Cultures

coffee and cookieHave you ever been with someone from a different culture and wondered at — or even been shocked by — something they said or did? Have you yourself committed a cultural faux pas because you didn’t know any better? It happens to just about all of us at one time or another.

Our guest this week, Sarah Lanier, talks about her book, Foreign to Familiar, in which she explains that many of our behaviors are consistent with the culture we live in, and specifically whether we live in a hot climate or cold climate culture. The thing is, it’s not always as simple as how far north or south you live. And as we know, different cultures can coexist within one country, with the American North and South being an obvious example.

I think you’ll find this interview illuminating — you might even have some “Aha” moments as you are reminded of certain experiences. Understanding these concepts can go a long way toward more effective communication, leading to more fruitful relationships and sometimes even more successful business partnerships.

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2 Responses to Hot Climate and Cold Climate Cultures

  1. Nina January 21, 2017 at 11:57 pm #

    I love this podcast! I think this topic is SOOOOOO helpful for every human. Let’s all seek to understand each other and take joy in honoring our differences. Thank you for Introducing me to Sarah and her book!

  2. Justine Kaneris April 24, 2017 at 2:28 am #

    I find that being a Military spouse, living on base, feels like a Hot-Climate Culture despite the diversity of group. It has a lot of characteristics of a “tribal” community. Everyone is in this together, no one is a stranger, we all will move soon, so let’s be best friends. This of course can cause a lot of drama, because even though these people are in your same situation as you, you forget these people do not come from the same background, and they have only known you for a short time. It is easy to get in a trap of high expectations for someone to simply understand you without a lot of explaining. When in reality they need an explanation, because the truth is, they don’t know you and they do not understand. Such a great book and I am so happy that I had this interview with Ms Lanier to walk through the chapters with me. Thank you for your research and respect for all people.

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