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Let the Countdown Begin!

In exactly one month from today, we launch the World to the Wise podcast! I’m looking forward to it for so many reasons. It will give me a chance to connect in a more personal way with friends, readers, and subscribers around the world. And that’s the exciting part — you can listen from practically […]

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The Unfinished Bridge

I’ve seen it so many times. As I’m sure you do, I know quite a few people who are second generation immigrants to the US. Many are Hispanic, but there are lots of other ethnic and linguistic groups represented. And one of the saddest things I see is when the children speak only English. For […]

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“Nunchi”: The Art of Anticipating

The Far East is known for being extremely hospitable. But there is a concept in Korea that goes beyond hospitality. It’s called nunchi. Nunchi is anticipating not only someone’s needs, such as expecting you to be thirsty when you come in from a long trip, or having the sugar within arm’s reach when you need […]

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Family First

I am excited to announce the upcoming launch of my new podcast! Tentatively entitled the World to the Wise podcast, in keeping with the name of our company, we will explore new perspectives on culture, including language learning, as well as listen to compelling stories from fascinating people. One such person is Dr. Ming Wang, […]

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Sunni? Shiite? Why Care? Part 2

(For part 1 of this post, click here.) Misconception number 2: There is no significant difference between Sunni and Shiite.  So here’s the deal: After the prophet *Muhammad died in 632 AD, his followers decided a leader should be chosen to lead the people and settle disputes as the prophet had done. This office was […]

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Sunni? Shiite? Why Care?

For years now, the news has been chock full of the words Sunni and Shia (or Shiite). What do they mean and why should we care? For Westerners not directly affected by the conflicts in the Middle East, it is easy to just ignore these labels. Or worse, some will say “those Arabs are all […]

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Day 12: Around the World in 12 Days

After circling the globe and dropping in on friends in the four corners of the earth, it seemed fitting to end our journey with a tribute to our friends who have suffered more than their share of trauma in the past year: les Français. For those who know that I am an avowed francophile and […]

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Day 6: Around the World in 12 Days

From South Africa we head back to Europe, this time to Eastern Europe. I’m always interested to hear stories from this part of the world — especially from people my age and older — because memories of a time when it was illegal to celebrate the birth of Christ are not too distant. My Romanian friends […]

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Day 4: Around the World in 12 Days

We now leave the frozen northern extremities of Europe for the land where it all started. Not Santa, not St. Nicholas. Jesus himself. A stroll down the streets of Jerusalem or any other major Israeli city will not afford you many views of tinsel and lights or manger scenes. Even the relatively few Messianic Jews (Jews […]

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Day 3: Around the World in 12 Days

We leave the balmy climes of the South Pacific and head to the long nights and short days of winter in Sweden. Because Sweden lies so far north, much of its folklore, mythology, and culture revolve around sun and light — or the absence thereof. The winter solstice, when the days finally begin to grow […]

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