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Cultivating Curiosity

We are all born curious. Show me a baby who isn’t drawn to shiny objects or who doesn’t believe everything is intended to be put in the mouth. Then the baby becomes a toddler and all of a sudden the entire house has to be childproofed. Everything at eye level is fair game to be […]

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Beyond Sightseeing

In my last two posts I’ve talked about the first ever partnership between World to the Wise cultural tours and Journey Arts Collective, where we took a group of thirteen creatives from the Nashville area to experience some of the magic of Western Europe. Not only did we have the privilege of introducing them to […]

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A Gift from the Past

It seems each time my wife and I take a group to Europe, even though we visit many of the same places each time, there’s always some new surprise that awaits us. Earlier this month, World to the Wise partnered with Journey Arts Collective to take 12 creatives to visit some of the world’s greatest […]

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A Creative Journey

What happens when you put 15 creatives in the same plane, train, bus, or automobile for almost two weeks, where they are not just sightseeing but being asked to reflect, observe, and create? My wife Becky and I have just finished conducting the first ever tour where our company, World to the Wise, partnered with […]

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New Year, New Zealand?

  If you follow my blog, you know my wife and I had an unforgettable time in what for us was an almost magical time in New Zealand over the 2014-15 winter break (summer in New Zealand). We are now gauging interest in a possible World to the Wise cultural tour to the Land of […]

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Tell Me of Tuscany

My wife and I have had the pleasure of conducting a number of cultural tours to Europe, the most recent of which was this past June. We visit three of the world’s greatest cities: Rome, Paris, and London. We see some of the finest art the world has ever known. We tread where kings and emperors […]

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World to the Wise tour 2015 – Recap

It’s hard to put into words what the World to the Wise cultural tour does to a person. Part of that is that it does different things to different people. Some are overwhelmed with a sense of the gravitas of history — how we are dwarfed, in a sense, by those who have gone before […]

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The Magic of Unscripted Moments

A lot of planning goes into every World to the Wise cultural tour. An awful lot. But sometimes the best memories are made from unscripted moments. Like when you happen onto a pair of super talented street performers in the Trastevere area of Rome. (There are virtuosos on the streets of almost every major European city.) […]

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Register now for the 2015 Cultural Tour!

It’s not too early to be planning to join us for the 2015 World to the Wise Cultural Tour! We have a treasure trove of memories waiting for you to create — from ancient Rome to the sensory delights of Tuscany, from the amazing mazes of Venice to the timeless thrills of Paris, from the gardens […]

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Announcing the 2015 Cultural Tour!

Announcing the 2015 World to the Wise Cultural Tour! Ask any of the wonderful people who have joined us in the past, and they will tell you this educational tour left an indelible mark on them. The mission of World to the Wise is to educate and inspire Americans with the cultural riches of the […]

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