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Fly Forward to Europe!

We are pleased to announce the first ever partnership of World to the Wise Cultural Tours with Fly Forward, an organic organization led by artist, author and spiritual director Jennie Schut. Jennie participated in our first joint adventure with Journey Arts Collective in 2016, which took us to Paris and the Tuscany region of Italy. […]

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A Journey with Journey Arts

You may remember that October 2016 saw my wife and me leading a group of creatives from Journey Arts Collective to Europe. It was by all accounts a successful partnership. The Journey Arts leader, Brett Mabury, did a wonderful job of leading the group on a sort of reflective pilgrimage as we experienced some of […]

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An Unforgettable Journey

It was our privilege at World to the Wise Cultural Tours to partner recently with Journey Arts Collective in Brentwood, Tennessee to create a very special experience for a group of ten creatives from the greater Nashville area. Led by Australian Brett Mabury, whose home town of Perth is where I started school as a […]

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A True Craftsman

I didn’t even catch his name. But this gentleman left quite an impression on us, and I can’t wait to see him again the next time we’re in the Tuscan hill town of Volterra. We were making our way down a steep street toward an ancient Etruscan city gate when we saw him sitting outside […]

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Finding Florence Again

In 1983 I was touring with Karen Lafferty when we played a concert in this historic hall called the Hall of the Five Hundred in Florence’s 600-year-old Palazzo Vecchio. 34 years later I get to show it to my wife and the World to the Wise tour group.

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Roaming in Rome

Rome. Few places evoke such wonder and awe. And yet as you stroll the ornate halls of the Vatican Museum or gaze up at the incomparable dome of St Peter’s Basilica, you’re faced with the mixed stories of grandeur and corruption, glory and greed, piety and pettiness of the past. Have things changed? Are we […]

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What You Can’t Know About Your Country Until You Leave It

My wife and I took a brief road trip last weekend. I like road trips except for one thing: I get so sleepy behind the wheel. Enter the audio book. This time we chose a book that had been mentioned by a good friend. Don’t Let’s Go to the Dogs Tonight takes place in Southern Rhodesia […]

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How to Turn a Vacation into a Pilgrimage

What comes to mind when you hear the word “pilgrimage”? Trekking your way over rugged terrain to reach a shrine? Traveling thousands of miles to meet up with thousands of other pilgrims at a particular time of year? Perhaps. But what if any time you stepped out of your zone of familiarity could become a spiritual experience? […]

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Announcing the 2017 World to the Wise Cultural Tour

My wife, Becky, and I started a company around 2010 called World to the Wise. The mission statement of the organization is to promote and foster cultural curiosity by exposing people to other cultures and perspectives. This includes not only telling compelling stories, but taking people to other places! Summer of 2010 saw our first World […]

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Cultivating Curiosity

We are all born curious. Show me a baby who isn’t drawn to shiny objects or who doesn’t believe everything is intended to be put in the mouth. Then the baby becomes a toddler and all of a sudden the entire house has to be childproofed. Everything at eye level is fair game to be […]

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